T#5: Data Skills for GLAM: Take Tinker for a Spin!

Thursday 11 April 2019

What is it: Want to hear about the latest developments in the world of digital Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia? Take a look at the nationally-supported HASS Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DEVL) project and Tinker, an easy-to-use online ecosystem of data, tools and services.

The Tinker platform is at www.tinker.edu.au

Twitter: @TDHASSN

Who is it for: HASS researchers, Librarians, GLAM professionals, data scientists, artists

Presenters: Tyne Sumner and Alexis Tindall

Tyne Sumner is a researcher, consultant, and Digital Humanities engagement specialist. Her primary research focuses on the connections between Literature, surveillance and big data; in particular, the ways in which large-scale surveillance practices alter subjectivities and collective discourse. Currently she trains researchers in data-driven tools and methods at the University of Melbourne, is deputy project manager of the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (HASS DeVL), and is working on a project that investigates the role of digital disruption on spaces in Universities.

Twitter: @tynedaile

Alexis Tindall is part of the Australian Research Data Commons’ Skilled Workforce team, with a particular interest in supporting and enabling humanities, arts and social sciences research. She has extensive project management experience in diverse environments. Before joining the eResearch support community, she worked in natural history and social history museums, and is passionate about digitisation and improving digital access to the nation’s treasured collections.

Twitter: @lexistindall

Workshop Requirements

No specific requirements, but participants will have an opportunity to do a very quick exercise if they have a laptop and wifi.