TechEx Session 3 – Friday 23 April 2021

New ways of learning

Lifelong learning reimagined with the help of new technologies.

#1 – Digital show and tell: how we got our colleagues to share their favourite online tools

Do you have a favourite online tool you wish your co-workers knew about? Deakin Libraries staff started the ‘Digital Demos’ workshop series to share how people in their workplace are using digital tools. In each instalment of the series, co-workers demonstrate a digital tool that supports their day-to-day work, their favourite tools as well as secret workflow hacks. Since the workshops’ inception, staff have seen benefits, yet many lessons were learnt along the way to developing this new approach to how we learn and engage in a work setting.

Speaker/s: Deakin Library Digital Demos team (Lizzy Delacretaz, Lisa Grbin, Jess Fulmer and Olivia Larobina)

Lisa Grbin is a Health Liaison Librarian at Deakin University. She has prior experience working in both public and academic libraries and enjoys exploring different technologies and how they can support the learning of others. During her spare time, Lisa indulges her habit of saving (hoarding) second-hand books.

Jess Fulmer is a Library Advisor at Deakin University. Jess implements her knowledge and experience when providing library support to staff and students through various channels of service. She has a keen eye for design and all things creative.

Olivia Larobina is a Library Cadet at Deakin University. She works across a variety of teams in the Client Services area of the library. Olivia enjoys connecting with students directly, whether she’s providing research support via library chat or posting content on the library’s social media.

Elizabeth Delacretaz is the Learning and Teaching Librarian at Deakin University. She has been working at Deakin Library for 10 years and has a passion for exploring digital tools for learning. Elizabeth is part of a team that focuses on designing engaging, online content to enhance students’ digital literacy skills.



#2 – Using Linked Data and AI to manage GLAMR expertise with Skilltype

Maintaining the skills required for current and future roles in GLAMR is a perennial problem. With the amount of online training being produced every day due to the global pandemic, discovering the right resource at the right time will become increasingly challenging. In 2018, a global community of technologists, libraries and training providers began collaborating to develop modern infrastructure for acquiring skills. Skilltype is a new software platform for information professionals and organisations to analyse, develop and share expertise.

Speaker/s: Tony Zanders, Skilltype

Tony Zanders is an award-winning software entrepreneur and library technology executive. He is the Founder and CEO of Skilltype – a software company developing talent management tools for libraries. Concurrently, he serves in a two year appointment as the inaugural entrepreneur in residence at the Boston University Libraries. In this role, he advises the University Librarian on talent management, while designing new solutions in recruitment and retention for the university and its libraries. Prior to BU, Zanders served eight years in executive roles at EBSCO and Ex Libris.

#3 – Learning and Teaching Technologies

As the importance of life-long learning continues to rise, the emergence of educational technologies rapidly grows and changes the way learning is being delivered. Educational technologies are utilised to create a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for the learner, with new advancements constantly being offered to them. However, in many ways, these can cause a strain on learning providers who are not supported by these new technologies as much as the learners. Join Rosalia as she discusses these trends and what we can expect in the future!

Speaker: Rosalia da Garcia, SAGE

Rosalia da Garcia is the Managing Director of SAGE Publishing where she is responsible for the Asia-Pacific operations. She is also a member of the company’s global Vice President’s group. With a background in leadership and sales and marketing, her career expands over several publishers as well at a bank. Rosalia is an active enabler of the use of technology to create work efficiencies as well as driving diversity and inclusion, social responsibility and sustainability initiatives in the workplace. Rosalia believes that customers are an important part of the academic ecosystem and is passionate about collaboration and working with them.


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