Tech Camp 2021 Diversity Scholarships

Sponsored by Linux Australia

Applications are NOW CLOSED

Applications are invited for VALA Tech Camp 2021 Diversity Scholarships, sponsored by our PD Partner, Linux Australia.

Linux Australia is committed to diversity of participation in open technologies and has chosen to support the Diversity Scholarship in line with their organisational values.

The purpose of the Diversity Scholarships is to encourage and enable attendance at VALA Tech Camp 2021 by people who are not normally well-represented at VALA events and/or in the industry, due to disadvantage of one kind or another.

Through its partnership with Linux Australia, VALA will make a total amount not exceeding $2500 AUD available to approved Diversity Scholars to support pre-approved travel costs (including transport, accommodation and childcare) to attend VALA Tech Camp 2021.

In addition, the registration cost to attend nominated VALA Tech Camp 2021 Workshops will be provided.

The VALA Tech Camp 2021 Linux Australia Diversity Scholarships are open to:

  • Any Australian person of Indigenous heritage; and/or
  • Any Australian person who resides in a regional, rural or remote location that would reasonably prevent their attendance at a VALA Tech Camp 2021 Campsite.

This year, reflecting the new opportunities presented by the distributed event model for Tech Camp 2021, multiple scholarships are on offer.

  • Applicants are invited to identify their most local Campsite AND the Workshops they would like to attend – this could be as few as 1 or as many as 4 (applicants please note that each Workshop is delivered on its own day, either a Monday or Tuesday, over a 2 week period).
  • Where the cost of travel and/or access to childcare is a barrier, applicants can also apply for reimbursement of costs (including transport, accommodation and/or childcare) up to a total of $500.
  • Where travel is not possible, applicants can apply to attend any or all of the TC21 Virtual Workshops from their own location.

In awarding the Scholarships, consideration will be given to:-

  • The ability of the Applicant to share the knowledge they gain at VALA Tech Camp 2021 with their own library and/or technical community via any forum, such as blog, podcast, social media etc, as demonstrated through previous work, volunteer or student experience
  • The impact the Scholarship will have on the Applicant’s future career in the library and/or technology sector, as demonstrated through a 200 word statement in this Application or a 3 minute video.

Applications are NOW CLOSED