VALA2024 Call for Submissions


VALA2024 – Re-ITerated is getting back to grassroots. If you are involved in a cutting edge project, or have done something a bit different with tech, the library world wants to learn from you and VALA2024 is where that can happen.

VALA2024 welcomes proposals for:

  • Presentations
  • Posters
  • Workshops
  • Show us your Tech (for vendors)

Done this all before? You know what to do. Get your abstract/blurb/proposal ready, we are excited to see what you have been up to!

Never done this before? VALA2024 wants to help you share your innovative tech project. We can help you create an abstract for a presentation, give a blurb for a short talk or a proposal for a workshop. We can’t wait to hear what you have been doing!

Our new conference venue – Storey Hall at RMIT, gives VALA2024 many options for program delivery and we look forward to working with you on your idea.


  • Proposal Submissions Close: Sunday 4th February 2024
  • Notification of Proposal Acceptance: By Tuesday 5th March 2024
  • All Submissions due: 30th April 2024
  • VALA2024 Conference: 9-11 July 2024


VALA’s purpose is to cultivate innovative and sustainable use of technology in the information community by:

  • Inspiring communities of practice
  • Facilitating exchange of information and the exploration of new ideas
  • Recognising and celebrating excellence

Presentations should meet VALA’s purpose and may relate to the following concepts:

  • Information and Knowledge management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Emerging trends and technology


  • Concurrent session presentation (paper and presentation) – 25 minutes
  • Poster with a twist – 10 minutes
  • Workshops (talk to us)
  • Show us your tech (vendor) – 30 minutes

Concurrent Session Presentation

Presenters are encouraged to provide a paper with their presentation and can opt for it to be peer-reviewed (please indicate on your proposal submission form).

Although we would prefer a paper be provided with concurrent presentations, please talk to us if this is not your preference.

Papers must be:

  • 2,000-4,000 words for the finished paper
  • Written in the “voice” of your choosing
  • Provided with the author’s ORCID
  • Run for 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions

All accepted papers will be supplied with VALA DOIs.

Poster with a twist

Combine an e-poster session with a lightning talk and you have VALA’s Poster with a twist. Display your e-poster on screen and speak to it for a few minutes before answering questions. All up, ten minutes to connect with your audience in a more engaging space.

A great opportunity to try out if you have never presented before.


Have an idea for a workshop? Must be hands on engagement for participants, leaving them with something to take away – a new skill, a new idea, a new “thing”. Send us your proposal with your time and space requirements and we will see what we can do.

Show us your tech (vendors)

We invite vendors to participate in our exclusive “Show Us Your Tech” feature, a dedicated space within our event designed to spotlight the latest and greatest technology you wish to showcase for us. This interactive and immersive experience is the perfect platform for you to present:

  • Live demos: Offer live demonstrations of your tech solutions, allowing participants to see, touch, and experience your products first hand.
  • Innovation Hub: Host thought-provoking presentations or workshops posing questions to our community.
  • Networking Opportunity: Engage in meaningful conversations with our community, share user experiences, skills, knowledge, and highlight the great community that you have developed around your product.


Acceptance or otherwise is at the discretion of the VALA Conference Committee with notifications sent to the contact author by Sunday 5th March.

NOTE: In submitting your proposal you are indicating your intention to register for Conference. One registration for the whole conference is assigned to each presentation.


The details of your proposal need to be explained in an abstract of no more than 200 words.


For any queries, please email:

Terms and Conditions
By lodging a submission, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:
(i) As the contact author, I acknowledge that I am making this agreement on behalf of all contributing parties (if any) for this submission and subsequent material, including paper, poster and presentation.
(ii) I acknowledge that my/our content will not be presented or published elsewhere until after the VALA2024 Conference.
(iii) I take full responsibility for the content of my submission and subsequent material, including paper, poster and presentation.
(iv) I understand I should not use my paper, poster or presentation as a means of selling my organisation’s products or services.
(vi) All submissions (brief description, long description and full papers) and presentations will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License to protect the authors’ copyright and for use within VALA’s everyday business activities.
(vii) I give permission for my paper or poster to be published on the Conference App and/or the Conference website and/or in the official Proceedings for VALA2022.
(viii) I give permission for my presentation to be filmed and recorded and to be uploaded onto the Conference website/Conference proceedings.
(ix) All documents, memoranda, notes and records relating to the Conference remain the property of VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc.
(x) I have submitted an original work that does not contain the work of others without full disclosure and referencing within the paper or poster. I understand that plagiarism is unethical and not tolerated.
(xi) By making this declaration, I am stating that all work presented/submitted by me as part of the VALA2024 Conference is my own and/or co-authors. When diagrams and information used are not my own, I will use correct referencing, citing author, date and publication title.
(xii) VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future, Inc accept no responsibility for any action taken by a third a party against the Author/s of the paper.