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Shelf-Reading Aurora Robot – solving everyday challenges with technology

VALA2022 Vendor Presentation

Veronica Steinicke
  • Intelligent RFID Solutions

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The process of shelf reading is a complex, time consuming and routine library task. Misplaced and missing items within a library cause inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the catalogue. Automation of shelf reading using robotics combined with production of reports to allow for quick and accurate location of incorrectly ordered, missing or lost items reduces staff time and effort and improves catalogue accuracy and an improved patron experience.

The Senserbot Aurora robot has been used across the National Library Board of Singapore and Temasek Polytechnic for a number of years to automate the shelf reading tasks previously performed by library staff. The introduction of robotic automation to perform shelf reading tasks has saved both staff time and cost.

The Aurora robot combines hyper accurate RFID scanning with inbuilt safety features like object avoidance and detection technologies to ensure safe operation. The robot scans in excess of 6000 items per hour with a scan accuracy of 99.5% and automatically returns to recharge itself if the battery level becomes too low. Typically working overnight Aurora is capable of providing the exact location of library items at the level of shelf, tier and bay making it easy for both library staff and patrons to find books within the library. The robot also produces reports for any missing, misplaced , and items belonging to another branch or library allowing them to be easily identified.

Aurora has been used across National Library Board sites in Singapore and has added to staff and patron experience. It has reduced the need and time for manual shelf reading and at the same time saved significant staffing costs, also allowing library staff to be reallocated to more value added tasks within the service.


Veronica Steinicke is passionate about helping customer focused organisations enhance their service offering through technology. With over 20 years’ experience providing solutions to customers Veronica enjoys and values her many long term customer relationships. She now proudly leads Intelligent RFID Solutions as the Chief Executive Officer.

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