VALA2022 Vendor Lopez

Building Bridges Between Experts and Communities with Subscribe to Open

VALA2022 Vendor Presentation

Andrea Lopez
  • Director of Sales
  • Annual Reviews
Richard Gallagher
  • President and Editor-in-Chief
  • Annual Reviews

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The world’s problems – at local, national, regional, and global scales – require research assessment and solutions. However, trust in experts is low, public understanding of the scientific method is poor and misinformation/fake news is widespread. Researchers are often uncomfortable in the public eye. Research is specialized, problems are interdisciplinary. Academic institutions and academic publishers do not place a strong enough emphasis on outreach. We need more bridges from research and academia to policy makers, businesses and workers, educators and students, doctors and patients, the media, and civil society.

We will give a brief description of a non-APC open access model, Subscribe to Open, that supports open access and open science and helps to guarantee the long- term scientific independence of research through a diversity of publishing models. Supporting the values of the scholarly reviews to the larger community and helping to meet the growing demand for open access publications, Annual Reviews first piloted Subscribe to Open in 2020. The model has been endorsed by cOAlitions S and has been adopted by a number of publishers who have come together to achieve fair and sustainable access to scholarly information.


Andrea Lopez is the Director of Sales, Partnerships & Initiatives at Annual Reviews. She has over 30 years of experience in academic publishing sales, 22 of those in STM publishing. Since the inception of the Site License program at Annual Reviews in 1999, she has been responsible for the sales and distribution of Annual Reviews, and most recently for the implementation of the Subscribe to Open Pilot. She is a founding member of the Subscribe to Open Community of Practice.

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