VALA’s Peer Review Process and Logos


VALA Peer ReviewedAll peer reviewed papers presented at the VALA Biennial Conference are identified on our website with the VALA Peer Reviewed Paper logo.

Other than the keynotes, and a very small number of invited papers, every abstract and paper at the VALA Biennial Conference is peer reviewed by at least two reviewers. We are fortunate that we can rely on the generosity and knowledge of a large group of expert reviewers who are located across Australia as well as overseas. We are also fortunate that we receive many more abstract submissions than we have places in the Conference program. All papers (except for keynote speakers and invited papers) published in VALA conference proceedings are independently peer-reviewed by at least 2 reviewers in a single-blind review process. Conference papers that have successfully completed peer review are identified within the conference program by VALA’s peer review stamp. VALA conference papers are typically of 5,000-6,000 words.

VALA Invited PaperOccasionally the VALA Conference Committee will invite an individual, or individuals, to present a paper at the Biennial Conference. These papers are identifiable by the VALA Invited Paper logo. When inviting individuals to deliver papers at the Biennial Conference, VALA’s Program Committee always strives to ensure delegates will be presented with the very best and latest in research relating to information technology.

The VALA Committee, and our Conference Program Committee, would like to recognise and thank all the speakers and presenters, as well as all the reviewers, for their hard work. This all helps support the quality for which VALA conferences are recognised.