Williamson Award 2022

The 2022 Robert D. Williamson Award goes to Anne Stevenson from CSIRO, Data Librarian & Team Lead.

View the video of Anne’s presentation on the VALA Showcase channel here:


VALA President Melissa Parent presenting the 2022 Williamson Award medallion to Anne Stevenson

Anne commenced work at CSIRO in 1979 and throughout her 43 year career as a Librarian she has made an outstanding, unique contribution to information management across CSIRO and the profession. Anne’s work is key to the realisation of the highest possible value for CSIRO’s data assets, enabling their reuse and proliferation amongst a cohort of international researchers, thus achieving maximum impact for Australian science. Anne’s work is centred around the development of bespoke software that supports world-class information management at CSIRO and the provision of training and support for this software to increase its utility. In her current role, she leads a team of Data Librarians whose work fostering a strong data culture and research data management skills are at the forefront of industry standard.

Anne is well known as a meta-data and citation expert and she has deep knowledge of best practise standards for these concepts. In fact, citations is one of Anne’s passions, and she has been at the forefront of innovations such as bidirectional links between publications and supporting data; the implementation of citation and altmetrics on each publication which supporting reporting; implementation of the automation of ORCiDs; and working with other research groups in CSIRO, implementing GRIDs/ROARs to enable group identification and reporting.

Anne was a key driver of the implementation of ORCiD at CSIRO. She provided technical advice and liaised with ORCID and CSIRO’s programmers to provide an automated, integrated service so that CSIRO researchers could add their publications to the institutional repository and those records now flow automatically up to ORCID. This innovative initiative saves researchers time and promotes and provides a platform in CSIRO for ORCID.

Anne has been a key contributor to the community of publications officers at CSIRO, and was part of the project team that implemented a publications approval system and a single enterprise repository. Anne has fostered the attachment of full text to publications metadata wherever possible as well as the inclusion of DOIs to link where direct provision is not possible. She also worked with the CSIRO library Services Collections team to transfer technical reports to the repository as soon as they are digitised.

Anne invests personally in the professional development of her team, her peers and herself. She leads by example through her engagement with new tools and concepts, transforming this knowledge into opportunities for her team, CSIRO and the profession.