VALA2022 Diversity Scholarship


Proudly sponsored by SAGE Publishing

Our thanks to VALA2022 Inclusivity Partner, SAGE Publishing for their ongoing support of VALA to provide equal access and inclusion to opportunities and resources.


The VALA2022 Diversity Scholarship, sponsored by SAGE Publishing, goes to…..

VALA is pleased to introduce our VALA2022 Diversity Scholarship recipient:

Teresa Köhne – Sunshine Coast Libraries

“Attending VALA2022 would be a fantastic opportunity to build on my digital skills and hear about the great things my peers are doing across the country and the world. I am excited about the chance to be immersed for three days in current and future digital innovation, grounded in core GLAM values.

VALA2022 would also be a great networking and connection opportunity to support my desire to work towards growing into a more senior role. I can share my learnings and enthusiasm with all our 160+ staff in my digital role and training role, and through my involvement in shaping our future locations and services. I am always looking forwards and out to expand yet optimise services for all our library users – the young, the old, the students, the visitors, the online community, everyone!”

Read Teresa’s post-event report below:

“Travelling to Melbourne in the depths of winter to attend VALA2022 as the Diversity Scholarship recipient sponsored by SAGE Publishing (along with the locals returning from their long weekend in the sunshine state) was well worth it.

The atmosphere was somewhat electric with attendees soaking up the face-to-face contact and recharging with in-person connections.  It was clear that people are very keen to move on from the COVID dominated world and focus on the good that the GLAM sector is valued for.

Here are the key concepts that were interwoven across many sessions over the three days.  They apply to many aspects of any professional role.

  • Humans are adaptable and creative. We need to be curious and respectfully disruptive.
  • Choosing the right technology for your purpose is vital. Consideration must be given to privacy, accessibility, equity, inclusivity, social justice, digital literacy, agility, environmental impact.
  • We must work with our customers and community, focussing on their needs, not ours.
  • Be aware of limitations, assumptions, preconceptions and practices that can impact our community now and well into the future.
  • Don’t lose sight of the need for empathy and social connection, the value of vulnerability and the joys of self-care.

Attending VALA2022 was an amazing opportunity to be immersed in a positive professional space.  I have shared details on sessions with my colleagues and am consciously applying some principles and ideas in my daily and ongoing work.  The opportunity to connect with professionals from a variety of GLAM organisations and see the commonality of challenges and ideals was invigorating and inspiring.  I would recommend attending VALA’s next conference if you have the chance!” – Teresa Köhne, Sunshine Coast Libraries

Read Teresa’s full VALA 2022 report where she shares her session highlights and think-points from VALA2022.


Our thanks to VALA2022 Inclusivity Partner, SAGE Publishing for their ongoing support of VALA to provide equal access and inclusion to opportunities and resources.

VALA recognises that regional, rural and indigenous members of the Library community face additional barriers to participation in both library and technical events. The Diversity Scholarship is offered to individuals who in normal circumstances would not generally attend a VALA event or would struggle to attend due to financial or other hardship.

The VALA2022 Diversity Scholarship would not be possible without the support of SAGE Publishing. Please thank them by dropping in to Stand No. 10 in the Exhibition Hall at VALA2022.