VALA2020 Diversity Scholarships


Proudly sponsored by SAGE Publishing

SAGE Publishing is committed to supporting efforts that reflect our core values in our local communities and across global higher education and scholarly communities. Our efforts support programs and initiatives that further social and behavioural science, education, human services, and community life, including the arts and cultural organizations. Believing passionately that engaged scholarship lies at the heart of any healthy society and that education is intrinsically valuable. SAGE Publishing remains true to our mission to build bridges to knowledge, being the harness to every contributing role in the academic ecosystem. Internally, we are committed to being an inclusive employer where all individuals are treated equally with fairness and respect. We are honoured to sponsor the Diversity Scholarships at VALA 2020.


The VALA2020 Diversity Scholarships, sponsored by SAGE Publishing, go to the following three deserving recipients…..

From a strong and large field of contenders, VALA is pleased to introduce our VALA2020 Diversity Scholarship recipients:


Luisa Fapiano – Fiji National University Library – Suva, Fiji Islands

Read Luisa’s post-event report HERE.

“Attending VALA2020 would be a privilege to meet others as it would be my first attendance outside Fiji, thus, an opportunity in building professional networks. A great benefit in learning new techniques and technologies from professionals that offer skills and knowledge.

On a personal level as life changes, the need to adapt both professionally and personally is as real as the changes themselves. VALA2020 will provide a significant step toward career advancement where a continuous improvement would help benchmark my library by measuring against others.”

Anaseini Jese – Library Services of Fiji – Samabula, Fiji Islands

Read Anaseini’s post-event report HERE.

“Our main challenges here in Fiji is our attitude towards reading and we are trying our very best to cultivate the habit of reading to our children through the setting up of school libraries in schools and community libraries in rural villages. I provide training to teacher and school librarians on Basic Library Operation skills. Most of our school librarians in rural dwellings are not qualified and that is the way we believe we can help to furbish them with the basic knowledge needed to help students in school.

I strongly believe that the knowledge acquired from this conference will provide me with appropriate and practical ideas to advocate more on the importance of libraries to our young generation of future leaders.”

Zoe Wilkinson – Beverley Community Resource Centre and Library – Beverley Western Australia

Read Zoe’s post-event report HERE.

“As a new Librarian with no experience, and no real mentor to teach me, I am trying to learn as much about the whole library system and all the technologies available.

Beverley is only a small town, but the library is a vital part of our community. If I was able to attend this conference, I know that the information and skills I would gain would be invaluable to everyone.”


VALA recognises that regional, rural and indigenous members of the Library community face additional barriers to participation in both library and technical events. The Diversity Scholarship is offered to individuals who in normal circumstances would not generally attend a VALA event or would struggle to attend due to financial or other hardship.

The VALA2020 Diversity Scholarships would not be possible without the support of SAGE Publishing. Please thank them by dropping in to Stands 28-29 in the Exhibition Hall at VALA2020.

By supporting these four recipients with a diversity scholarship and a trip to Melbourne for VALA2020, we hope to not only support their career and academic pursuits but also empower them to encourage, inspire and impart knowledge to those in their own community.

VALA would like to extend a massive congratulations to all four deserving recipients, we cannot wait to see what you do with this opportunity.