VALA2022 Vendor Yehuda

The need for an open metadata platform

VALA2022 Vendor Presentation

Chani Yehuda
  • Product Manager
  • Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company

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Metadata is very important for libraries as there is a strong connection between good metadata and the ability of users to find the materials they need. Libraries invest a lot of effort and money in getting, fixing and creating high-quality metadata records for their collections.

This time consuming and costly task becomes even more difficult with the subscription models of electronic materials where libraries buy thousands of items at one time and it becomes impossible to review and improve the metadata of such big volumes. Add to that the fact that libraries are now trying to adapt their metadata to answer new needs and support modern technologies and search engines, in order to improve the exposure of the library materials and the discovery experience of the end users.

A lot of effort has been invested by the community in trying to find the right direction and technology to create metadata records in a way which will allow them to be connected to the world – to where the users are.

In this session we will review a new meta data platform by Ex Libris that is planned as a free, open, community-based platform to provide high-quality records in an efficient way and to support both existing and modern formats. Join this session to learn about this new revolutionary platform to share metadata openly with the community and make the library collections accessible in an effective way and in a modern experience.


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