VALA2022 Onsite Session 22 Tindall

Making it happen: a pathway to digital preservation at the University of Adelaide Library

This session is sponsored by Open Athens


Thursday 16 June 2022, 09:55 – 10:25

Alexis Tindall

  • Manager, Digital Innovation
  • University of Adelaide Library

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Read the paper and view the presentation recording here:


The University of Adelaide Library has developed a Digital Preservation Strategy and Roadmap as part of its commitment to expert information management, collection management and preservation, and support for information resource discovery. This paper describes the collaborative development of the Strategy and Roadmap, which drew on the resources and peer network of the Digital Preservation Coalition. Successful delivery of the Digital Preservation Strategy and Roadmap will involve cultivation of a skilled, aware and collaborative workforce. It will depend initially upon the development, adoption and refinement of improved and new processes, but should, in time, become part of business as usual.


Alexis Tindall joined the University of Adelaide Library as Manager, Digital Innovation in April 2020. Prior to that she worked with the Australian Research Data Commons, and related projects, to support data-enabled humanities, arts and social sciences research, delivering strategic projects and training around data and research infrastructure. She has extensive project management experience in diverse environments. Before joining the eResearch community, she worked in natural history and social history museums, and is passionate about digitisation, open scholarship and improving digital access to GLAM collections and research data.

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