VALA2022 Online Session 8 Weisman

Building a future library with apps


Wednesday 15 June 2022, 12:00 – 12:30

Josh Weisman
  • formerly VP Development, Ex Libris

presented by

Itai Veltzman
  • Ex Libris
Rachael Salby
  • RMIT University

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Changing conditions require changing business practices. Academic libraries are not an exception. Current trends require libraries to work more efficiently and in a more agile fashion. Library management systems can facilitate agility and efficiency by providing an open platform that enables integration and extension. A model based on apps takes an open platform to the next level, enabling libraries to develop and deploy apps that reside inside the library system, and enables users to easily activate, access, and use the apps as a part of their daily workflows.


Itai Veltzman leads the cross products and innovation group in the Library Solutions business unit at Ex Libris. Itai’s main responsibilities are to promote new services and infrastructure in the areas of Linked Open Data, Openness, Analytics, User Experience, Security and Privacy. He strongly believe in true user-centric collaboration and partnership with our customers community. Itai also believes it is all about the data, how you manage it and how you present it. He is looking forward to learn and develop his expertise in libraries management systems, especially linked open data.

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