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Kayla Maloney
Kayla Maloney

Visualise this: developing specialist digital literacies in the postgraduate curriculum

Thursday 15 February 2018, 10:50 – 11:20

Kayla Maloney and Kate Stanton

The University of Sydney

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The University of Sydney Library has taken on new roles supporting the development of digital literacies, including a collaboration with the School of Public Health that directly addresses postgraduates’ digital literacy skills, and supports the University’s strategic focus on developing digital literacy as a core graduate quality. Scalability and sustainability were key considerations, and many of the course materials were designed to be repurposed as part of other training materials. Librarians’ expertise in delivering information literacy education, coupled with specialist Library staff knowledge in rapidly evolving information domains, provided the right elements to deliver this collaborative education project. Library and information professionals have a critical role to play in identifying and developing the qualities that students need to succeed in their studies and future careers.


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