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Maggie Buxton

The Re-storying of Place – Disruptive technologies and the hyperlocal library

Tuesday 13 February 2018, 16:20 – 17:30

Maggie Buxton

Producer, educator, consultant and place innovator

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Imagine wandering the alleyways of your town as audio stories emerge straight out from the spaces around you. Or standing on a historical site watching layers of history unfold in front of your eyes. Thanks to emerging mobile technologies stories, histories, knowledge and learning can now be directly linked to and accessed within to their physical context – as they always have been for many first nation and indigenous peoples. In this way the technologies that facilitate these experiences have the potential to fundamentally disrupt the notion of traditional libraries as much as the development of the internet.

Maggie Buxton’s presentation discusses her PhD research and community based practice using these emerging tools to re-story places and re-place stories. She will be sharing experiences and projects working across a wide range of groups including Maori, Pacifica peoples, school children and the elderly. This spiritual, social, political, developmental practice is fundamentally aimed at expanding awareness, shifting perception and generating individual and collective learning.
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