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VALA Membership gives you access to regular VALA events and keeps you in touch with people interested in the direction in which information technology is taking libraries. Come along, and pick up hints on how to direct the technology rather than be directed by it.

Membership rates from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018:

  • Personal Membership – offers greater opportunities to non-Melbourne- based members via webinars and online product delivery.
    • $121 for Victorian personal membership (including GST)
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    • Free Student Membership - the introduction of Student Membership reflects VALA’s support for new and aspiring professionals within our industry, encourages their attendance at VALA events and provides early access to VALA conference proceedings.  Effective 1st July 2016 Student Membership is now available to both current full-time and part-time Library Students.  
      • In Australia, student membership is available to all students enrolled in ALIA accredited library courses as listed on the ALIA website.
      • In New Zealand, students who are currently studying the Master of Information Studies at Victoria University of Wellington or the Bachelor of Arts (Information & Library Services) at Open Polytechnic (the LIS qualifications that fulfil eligibility requirements for LIANZA professional registration) are also eligible for VALA student membership.
  • Institutional Membership – removes the administrative nuisance of multiple- memberships and introduces unrestricted access to VALA conferences at member rates. In addition, VALA will also introduce flexibility in conference registrations to allow multiple day and half day session packages – no more shared registrations, institutions will purchase and attend those sessions most relevant to their staff.
    • Level 1 – 2 members - $275 (including GST)
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Your membership will be current from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.  

Membership must be renewed annually to qualify for the Conference discount.


Effective from 1st April 2015 there were some Key Changes:

Why the change?

VALA’s membership base has changed and diversified as has the program and the opportunities that VALA delivers. Future changes (such as new conference registration types, extended use of the conference app, PD badging) will have much greater value and application in the new model. The shared registration model for conference will not be supported in the future, and a better process for institutional and individual engagement with VALA conferences is critical for VALA’s growth and optimizing delegates’ experience at conference.

For more information about VALA look at  VALA's Aims and read our Annual Report on all our activities.


join us buttonVALA has been at the heart of the Library IT community’s dialogue and development for over 30 years, sustained by its dynamic and professional network of information technology practitioners.

That network is drawn from academic, public, school, health, law and other special libraries, and increasingly from the broader GLAM sector. VALA members are decision-makers, employers, influencers, implementers and leaders; they are interested in and critical to the use of information technology in libraries and associated industries.

Annual VALA Membership gives you privileged access to this rich network and to those regular activities that support it, including:-

  • VALA Biennial Conference
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When we asked the question, this is what members said about their reasons for belonging to VALA:-


The claim is not made lightly – quite simply, VALA is future focused and technology savvy, and the place where the library IT crowd gathers. Join us today.


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VALA Guest Speaker Event and AGM

Leading in an uncertain world: developing library vision, strategy and the place of technology

Leadership, at all levels, is critical to the ongoing success and future of libraries, whatever the sector, purpose or size. The context of constant change, ambiguity, and the speed of developments, especially in new technologies, can make the challenge of setting vision and strategy appear even more daunting. This talk explores these issues using the example of the State Library of Victoria and also draws insights from other organisations. Sue will also discuss the place of personal leadership within this context.

Speaker: Sue Roberts, CEO and State Librarian, State Library of Victoria

This talk will follow the business of the Annual General Meeting, as previously advised to VALA members.


VALA is delighted to announce the appointment of Lesley Ryall and her team at The Good Work Group as the incoming VALA Secretariat. Lesley will be the new VALA Executive Officer, and she and Alyson Kosina are working on a staged transition from the current Secretariat at CSE Systems to The Good Work Group.

As many VALA members are aware, Alyson has long foreshadowed the retirement of herself, as VALA Executive Officer, along with her team at CSE Systems.

Alyson does not leave us completely, as she will continue to be the Editor for VALA Conference papers, working with authors and peer-reviewers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

VALA's email address will not change, and changes to other contact details will be notified via the VALA website when they occur. Please bear with us through this period of change.

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank Alyson and Petra at CSE Systems for the professional service they have delivered over a long period.

Bart Rutherford

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