Logo for VALA2010 Conference, 9 - 11 February at Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre


Conference Venue

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
South Wharf
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel + 61 3 9235 8000
Fax + 61 3 9235 8001

Further Information

For further enquiries regarding the VALA2010 Conference, please contact the VALA2010 Conference Office.

VALA2010 Conference Office
61 Danks Street West
Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Telephone: +61 3 9645 6311
Facsimile: +61 3 9645 6322

E-mail: helen@wsm.com.au




VALA promotes the use and understanding of information and communication technologies across the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum sectors.

The theme for VALA2010 focuses on the emerging processes, applications and technologies being used to connect content with your communities (professional or client-based).

Central to VALA2010 is the way you engage or converse with these groups and respond to their changing needs.

VALA2010 invites submissions that relate in any way to the use of information and communications technology for connecting, content and conversations. The following list of topics is offered as a guide, but is not exhaustive.

  • The future of the information portal
  • The future of the ILMS / MMS
  • Cloud / grid computing
  • Multi-lingual systems
  • Tagging, folksonomies, social bookmarking
  • Ontologies and semantic technologies
  • Metadata harvesting and management
  • Geographic information systems
  • Social networking
  • Virtual communities
  • Conversations with your communities
  • Digitisation and managing digital objects
  • Digital / electronic publishing
  • Rights management, intellectual property and copyright
  • Licensing
  • Privacy and information ethics
  • Archiving / preservation of electronic resources
  • Sustainability in the virtual environment
  • Information management and knowledge sharing
  • Information / learning commons and design
  • Teaching and learning spaces
  • Virtual reference
  • e-Research
  • Standards and interoperability
  • Mark-up languages and XML
  • Performance measures and statistical data
  • Open source development and application
  • Collaboration and consortia
  • Federated searching
  • Digital collections, archives and repositories
  • Digital natives
  • Accessibility
  • The digital divide
  • Interactivity and multi-media / User interfaces
  • Gaming, simulation and virtual worlds
  • Managing internal, external and virtual users
  • Application of new technologies
  • Mobile devices
  • Wireless technologies
  • Technology literacy
  • User authentication and registration


All abstracts must be original work. Authors will be required to sign a declaration that the paper submitted is their own work and has not been published or presented elsewhere.

The extended abstract, being a precis of your paper, must be between 400 and 500 words. Note that abstracts that are too short or too long may be rejected.

Each abstract must contain a title, lists of authors and the affiliations of the authors. Abstracts must also include the name, organisation, department, position, address, telephone and facsimile numbers and e-mail address of the author(s) who will be presenting the paper at the conference. Full details are also to be provided for the author nominated as the contact person for this paper. Note that all correspondence will be sent only to the contact person.

Acceptance or otherwise is at the discretion of the Conference Programme Committee. The presenting speaker will be advised in writing of the Committee's decision during July 2009.

On acceptance of abstracts, the contact speaker will be provided with speaker briefing notes.

Full copies of final papers are required to be submitted by 15 September 2009, following which papers will be peer-reviewed. The Conference Programme Committee will then advise you of any revisions required.

You have the opportunity during the peer-review process to update the paper as events and technologies unfold. At the Conference, you are asked to talk to your paper. This enables you to include any last-minute updates.

VALA reserves the right to reject final papers.

All presenting speakers must complete the Registration Form for the Conference. One discounted speaker fee per paper will be offered in the registration brochure, which is scheduled for distribution in August 2009.



The Main Announcement and Registration Brochure will be issued in August 2009.

If you would like to receive the Main Announcement and Registration Brochure, please contact the VALA2010 Conference Office.

If you may be interested in holding a workshop in conjunction with the conference, please contact the VALA2010 Conference Office.