VALA2010 Session 15 Jilovsky

VALA20120Digitise this: converting content

VALA 2010 CONCURRENT SESSION 15 – Digitisation/Publishing
Thursday 11 February 2010 14:20 – 14:50
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VALA Peer Reviewed PaperCathie Jilovsky

Chief Information Officer, CAVAL Ltd

George Panagiotidis

Lead, Digital Services, CAVAL Ltd

Janette Wright


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This paper describes and illustrates the new processes that CAVAL is using to convert content into digital form. The research and development process began with the purchase of a Kirtas 2400 RA Book Digitising device in 2008. This page-turning device now underpins the provision of high quality digitisation services for books and bound volumes. Issues discussed include image enhancement, file format options, differing criteria for preservation and digitisation and the potential integration of complementary services such as metadata harvesting and copyright permissions management. More recently a facility to digitise large format newspapers and maps has been developed. Much of the digitised content created has now been made available via the web providing access to full-text searchable information that was previously almost impossible to find and access.