VALA2010 Session 10 Tennant

VALA20120Libraries at the network level: APIs, linked data, and cloud computing

VALA 2010 CONCURRENT SESSION 10 – Looking Forward
Wednesday 10 February 2010 14:20 – 14:50
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VALA2010 Invited PaperRoy Tennant

Senior Program Officer, OCLC, USA

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Large Internet hubs like Google and Amazon have long used server farms and machine-to-machine services to reach massive scale and computational flexibility. Libraries are now beginning to take advantage of these same technologies by moving services to the “cloud”, where robust and secure infrastructure services can reduce the total cost of ownership of library systems. Libraries are also leveraging the network to expose library data and services to support powerful new ways to interact with library data to provide new kinds of services. This session will tell (and show) you how.