VALA2010 Session 10 Bonnington

VALA20120The changing landscape of research: tools and methods for 21st century discovery

VALA 2010 CONCURRENT SESSION 10 – Looking Forward
Wednesday 10 February 2010 13:45 – 14:15
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VALA2010 Invited PaperPaul Bonnington

Director, e-Research Centre, Monash University

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The US National Science Foundation noted in recent reports on 21st Century Discovery and Virtual Research Organisations that increasingly researchers (from all domains) are working in virtual teams across institutions. Furthermore, they are creating, compiling, accessing, analysing, linking and storing terabytes of digital research data through joint experimentation, observation and simulation. They note that the dynamic linking of data generated through this joint observation and simulation is enabling the development of new research methods that adapt intelligently to evolving conditions to reveal new understanding. In this talk, we highlight this phenomenon in the Australian context, and demonstrate how technologists, information specialists and domain specialists can work together in partnership to create local services and infrastructure to support 21st century discovery.