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3 - 5 February, 2004
Melbourne Convention Centre

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Tuesday 3 February 2004
0900 – 1015 PLENARY SESSION:
Hal Abelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Universities, the Internet and the inteellectual commons
1015 - 1045 Morning Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Session 1:
Managing Digital Objects
Concurrent Session 2:
Co-operatives & Consortia
Concurrent Session 3:
1045 - 1115 Shirley Sullivan, Lynne Horwood, Jane Garner and Eve Young, University of Melbourne, Vic
Bringing hidden treasures to light: illuminating DSpace
Rosemary Hudson, University of Otago, New Zealand and Ainslie Dewe, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
CONZULSys project: a model for university library collaboration in New Zealand
Terena Solomons, Hollywod Private Hospital, WA
Beam me up! Supporting PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) in medical libraries - new technology or just another format?
(2002 VALA Travel Scholar)
1120 - 1150 Bob Pymm and Thorsten Kaeding, ScreenSound Australia, ACT
Satellite capture of broadcast materials - archiving radio and television in the 21st century
John Binnion, Eastern Regional Libraries, Vic and David Cochrane, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vic
SWIFT - the future library system for Victoria's communities
Paul Mercieca, RMIT Business, Vic
E-book acceptance: what will make users read on screen?
1155 - 1230 Marie-Louise Ayres, National Library of Australia, ACT
MusicAustralia: building on national infrastructure
Teresa Wight, Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation, Vic
The Gulliver online database evaluation tool
Wendy Abbott and Kate Kelly, Bond University, Qld
Sooner or later! - have e-books turned the page?
1230 - 1400 Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – You Yangs Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Session 4:
Managing Digital Objects
Concurrent Session 5
Virtual Reference
Concurrent Session 6:
Electronic Publishing
1400 - 1430 Stephen O'Brien, Hunter Institute - TAFE NSW
Collaboration, community and consortia in the digital provision of art image resources
(2002 VALA Travel Scholar)
Janet Murray, Murray Consulting And Training Pty Ltd, Vic and Cindy Tschernitz, Tell Me Now, Vic
The Internet myth - emerging trends in reference enquiries
Cathrine Harboe-Ree, Michele Sabto and Andrew Treloar, Monash University Library, Vic
The library as digitorium: new modes of information creation, distribution and access
1435 - 1505 Lloyd Sokvitne, State Library of Tasmania
STORS - the development and implementation of a multi-function Open Archive service for Tasmanian electronic documents
Janet Fletcher, Philippa Hair, Macquarie University, NSW and Jean McKay, Murdoch University, WA
Online Librarian - real time / real talk: an innovative collaboration between two university libraries
Miranda Lee, Australian Digital Alliance, ACT
The Digital Agenda: a progress report for libraries
1510 - 1540 Howard Quenault, Public Record Office Victoria
VERS: building a digital record heritage
Nicole Phillips, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Vic
Electronic and live - online reference two years on
Martin Marlow, ProQuest Information & Learning, UK
Value creation in aggregation - the need for a flexible approach in content aggregation and production to meet future customer demand
1540 - 1610 Afternoon Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
1610 - 1725 PLENARY SESSION:
Mackenzie Smith, MIT Libraries, Massachusetts, USA
Libraries in the lead: the institutional repository phenomenon
1730 - 1900 Welcome Reception - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
Wednesday 4 February 2004

0900 - 1015 PLENARY SESSION:
Herbert Van de Sompel, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA
Motivation, inspiration and innovation from frustration
1015 - 1045 Morning Tea, Exhibition Viewing, and VALA Showcase - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
1045 - 1245 Vendor Presentations
1245 - 1400 Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – You Yangs Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Session 7:
Software Issues
Concurrent Session 8:
Information Literacy
Concurrent Session 9:
1400 - 1430 Brenda Chawner, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Free/open source software: new opportunities, new challenges
Barry Tucker and Stuart Palmer, Deakin University, Vic
Integration of information literacy training into engineering and technology education
Ken Klippel and Tony Cargnelutti, University of New South Wales Library
Sirius - essential navigational aide in a complex information environment
1435 - 1505 Andrew Cunningham, State Library of Victoria
Global & local dimensions of emerging community languages support
Andrew Wright, National Information and Library Service, Vic
Blithwapping and number 8 wiring your library and learning systems
Kylie Moloney and Roxanne Missingham, National Library of Australia, ACT and Christine MacKenzie, Yarra Plenty Regional Library, Vic
A portal for the people: National Library & your local public library = new access paradigm
1510 - 1540 Cathie Jilovsky, CAVAL Collaborative Solutions, Vic
Unicode: a tool for system interoperability and human communication
Angela Mare, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Vic
Know It All! online - is it possible?
Liz Burke, Eva Fisch, Linda Sheridan and Kristine Valenta, La Trobe University Library, Vic
Implementing AARLIN at La Trobe University, with a focus on end user reception
1540 - 1610 Afternoon Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
1610 - 1725 PLENARY SESSION:
Wu Jianzhong, Shanghai Library, China
Developing a borderless hybrid library: Shanghai experience
1900 - 2350 Conference Dinner - River Room, Level 1, Crown Towers Hotel, entry via Southbank or Queensbridge Street.

Thursday 5 February 2004
0900 - 1015 PLENARY SESSION:
Catherine Lupovici, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Archiving the Web: impact on librarianship
1015 - 1045 Morning Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Session 10:
Extending the ILMS
Concurrent Session 11:
User Behaviour
Concurrent Session 12:
Access to Information
1045 - 1115 Laura Maquignaz and Jane Miller, Victoria University, Vic
The centrality of the Integrated Library Management System: a strategic view of information management in an e-service environment
Paul Genoni, Helen Merrick and Michele Willson, Curtin University of Technology, WA
Virtual symposia: an investigation into scholarly communities online
Alison Sutherland and Peter Green, Curtin University of Technology, WA
An OpenURL resolver (SFX) in action: the answer to a librarian's prayer or a burden for technical services?
1120 - 1150 Tom Denison, White Room Electronic Publishing Pty Ltd, Vic and Michael Robinson, RMIT Vietnam
Breaking ground - library systems implementation in Vietnam
David Feighan, Vicnet, Vic
Understanding the drivers for online data usage: an empirical analysis
Deborah Stumm, Susanne Moir and Meredith Lawn, State Library of NSW
Collection-level description: separating the woods from the trees
1155 - 1230 Chris Thewlis, Civica Pty Ltd, Vic
Working together to expand and extend the functionality of your ILMS - how to get more from your vendor
Beth Thomsett-Scott, University of North Texas, USA
Turning students onto your library's website: using website usability studies to improve student use of your library's site
David Groenewegen and Simon Huggard, Monash University Library, Vic
Designing a digital databases page
1230 - 1400 Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
Concurrent Session 13:
Extending the ILMS
Concurrent Session 14:
User Authentication
Concurrent Session 15:
Strategic Information Planning
1400 - 1430 Joanna Richardson and Peta Hopkins, Bond University, Qld
Selecting an ILMS for a future you can't imagine
Peter Green, Curtin University of Technology, WA
Distributed authentication for the Western Australian university libraries
Andrew Wells, Tony Cargnelutti and Kerrie Talmacs, University of New South Wales
Evolution or revolution: developing new structures to meet the challenges of managing online services
1435 - 1505 Judith Pearce and Monica Berko, National Library of Australia, ACT
The hybrid library revisited
Raj Saxena, Australian Graduate School of Management, NSW
Security and online content management - balancing access and security
Barbara Wickenden, Waitemata District Health Board Library, New Zealand and Annette Huang, Whitireia International Library, New Zealand
Roadmap or roadblock: strategic information planning
1505 - 1540 Afternoon Tea, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase - You Yangs Exhibition Hall
Lorcan Dempsey, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., Ohio, USA
Library: service, space, collection
1700 - 1830 Farewell Refreshments
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