VALA2004 Session 4 O’Brien

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Collaboration, community and consortia in the digital provision of art images

VALA 2004 CONCURRENT SESSION 4: Managing Digital Objects
Tuesday 3 February 2004, 14:00 – 14:30

Stephen O’Brien, 2002 VALA Travel Scholar

Campus Librarian, Hunter Street Campus, Hunter Institute – TAFE NSW

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper
VALA Travel Scholar

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A convergence of technologies is bringing about a fundamental shift in the way in which art and cultural resources are being accessed. I will describe some of the image databases and delivery systems which have been developed, how collaborative and consortia ventures are distributing cultural content beyond traditional boundaries and how standards developed by the visual resources community have facilitated systems interoperability and helped to create the possibility of a massive growth in the availability of resources online. I also examine implications for the wider library and information management community, especially as they relate to education.