VALA2004 Plenary 2 Smith

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Libraries in the Lead: The Institutional Repository Phenomenon

VALA 2004 PLENARY 2: MacKenzie Smith
Tuesday 3 February 2004, 16:10 – 17:25

MacKenzie Smith

Associate Director of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries

Keynote Speaker

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As scholarship, instruction, publishing and communication become increasingly networked and digital, how libraries respond? Can libraries help scholars communicate in a networked era? What is the library’s role in an age of Web publishing and Google? Is preserving digital collections still part of their mission? Institutional repositories begin to address these questions and allow libraries to show initiative and leadership in a scholarly world being transformed by technology. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA with its DSpace institutional repository program has witnessed how much has changed, and continues to change, as libraries step up to these challenges.