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Howard Besser is an Associate Professor at UCLA¹s School of Education & Information where he teaches courses and does research on multimedia, image databases, digital libraries, metadata standards, intellectual property, digital longevity, information literacy, and the social and cultural impact of new information technologies. He is the author of dozens of articles, has served on a variety of standards-setting bodies, and consults widely for libraries, museums, archives, and arts organizations.


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Dr Christopher Chia is the Chief Executive of the National Library Board of Singapore. From 1983-1988, he worked for the National Computer Board (NCB) of Singapore in the Software Engineering and IT Manpower Departments, where his responsibilities included planning the development of IT professionals and promotion of IT culture. In 1988, Dr Chia became founding Deputy Director of the Information Communication Institute of Singapore, which trained software engineers in telecommunication at a postgraduate level. He was Director of the applied IT R&D arm of the NCB, the Information Technology Institute of NCB from 1992 to 1994. Dr Chia has a Master of Science and a PhD in Computation from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, and was conferred the "Friend of IT" Award by the Singapore Computer Society in March 2000.



Daniel Greenstein is Director of the Digital Library Federation - a consortium of libraries and related agencies that are pioneering in the use of electronic-information technologies to extend their collections and services. Prior to joining the DLF in December 1999, Greenstein was located in the United Kingdom where he was founding director of two networked information services working on behalf of the nation's universities and colleges. He holds degrees from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Oxford and began his career as a senior lecturer in history at the University of Glasgow.


Ph. D., in history of science, Jean-Claude Guédon presently teaches in the comparative literature department of the University of Montreal. In the last dozen years, his work has focused on matters related to the Internet and scholarly electronic publishing. In 1991, he started the first electronic scholarly journal in Canada (Surfaces). He has been program committee co-chair for Inet 1996, 1998 and 2000. In 1998, he was selected as Leiter lecturer for the National Library of Medicine in the USA. A member of the steering committee of the Canadian National Site Licence Project, he also chairs CNSLP's Advisory Board. In May 2001, he was invited to address the ARL conference in Toronto.



Joan K. Lippincott is the Associate Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), which is concerned with the use of information technology and networked information to enhance scholarship and intellectual productivity. Joan has played a central role in establishing and expanding CNI since its founding in 1990. She is responsible for programs focusing on the use of networked information to transform institutions, including New Learning Communities, Working Together, and Assessing the Academic Networked Environment. Joan has written on a variety of topics, including collaboration between librarians and information technologists, networked information, end-user searching, and teaching and learning in the networked environment.



Titia van der Werf is a researcher at the National Library of the Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek). She has been involved in many important digital library projects in Europe and has been a driver of research and development of metadata and architectural frameworks, tools and procedures and policies for the deposit of electronic documents with national libraries within Europe. From 1996-1999 she was involved in the BIBLINK project, funded by the EU to promote the electronic exchange of authoritative metadata between publishers and National Bibliographic Agencies. From 1998-2001 she was involved in the NEDLIB project, also EU funded, which aimed to construct the basic infrastructure upon which a networked European deposit library can be built. She is currently involved in Project Reynardus, the Gigaport project and SURFworks project.


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