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E-statistics – are we comparing apples and oranges? Getting a grip on e-statistics to measure our performance: a University of Queensland Cybrary perspective

VALA2002 CONCURRENT SESSION 7: Performance and Useability
Thursday 7 February 2002, 14:00 – 14:30
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Heather Todd and Lisa Kruesi

University of Queensland

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It is critical to identify the most efficient and effective means to gather and compare e-statistics for a range of electronic services that libraries provide. Since the mid-nineties projects have been underway by the ICOLC, the D-Lib Working Group, the ARL, EQUINOX partners and many others to develop performance measures based on e-statistics. As scholarly communication in Australia is in crisis having relevant and comparable e-statistics to help manage collections is crucial. This paper covers the University of Queensland Cybrary’s perspective on factors influencing successful use of e-resources, include user friendliness of systems, accessibility and promotion of the resources. The effectiveness of e-statistics measures is also covered.


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