VALA2002 Session 3 Cummings

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Virtual Training For Virtual Clients

Wednesday 6 February 2002, 11:20 – 11:50
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Leanne Cummings

Queensland Police Service

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The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Library provides information services to over 10,000 personnel stationed throughout Queensland. Eighty five percent of these clients are considered remote, and are unable to physically access one of the three QPS libraries. The Virtual Library (VL) database was implemented in 1997 to enable clients to access, search and retrieve information resources from any QPS computer, regardless of their location or roster commitments. Clients were provided with an equitable and effective library service which was available 24 hours, every day. However, client demographics continued to hinder the delivery of equitable and cost-effective library literacy training. To overcome this challenge, a Computer-Based Training (CBT) program was developed for the VL. The VL CBT is an online tutorial that aims to teach clients in using the VL. Available from any QPS computer, 24 hours a day, the VL CBT has proven to be a highly successful resource. It has provided the best solution in delivering equitable and economic library training to a large client base, consisting mostly of remote clients.


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