VALA2002 Plenary 3 Van Der Werf

VALA Keynote speaker

Our digital heritage: how authentic should it be?

VALA 2002 PLENARY 3: Titia Van Der Werf
Thursday 7 February 2002, 09:00 – 10:15
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Titia Van Der Werf

National Library of the Netherlands

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Together with the National Library of the Netherlands, IBM has developed the concept of a generic preservation layer model (PLM) that can be implemented as a preservation management tool. It enables us to assess preservation strategies and how they affect the authenticity of digital objects. The National Library of the Netherlands has identified a number of deposit principles that bear on preservation and authenticity criteria for electronic publications. They take account of the specific nature of electronic publications and electronic publishing. This paper shows how both the generic approach and the specific application domain approach can lead to a decision-making framework for digital heritage institutions.


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