VALA2002 Plenary 2 Guédon

VALA Keynote speaker

The politics of scientific visibility: from excellence to elitism (and back)

VALA 2002 PLENARY 2: Jean-Claude Guédon
Wednesday 6 February 2002, 16:10 – 17:25
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Jean-Claude Guédon

Université de Montréal

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Recent analyses have revealed some of the roots of the serial pricing crisis. Core science and site licensing have trasformed scientific publishing twice. A third, negative, revolution is in the offing; it has to do with the evaluation of scientific work beyond peer review. However, this threat also offers new hopes for all concerned with building a less elitist communication system. Open archives, attempts to extend the science citation index and “faculties of 1,000’ all point to the possibility of reforming the evaluation system of science. It will require, however, stronger alliances with administrators and those scientists that are working for a more equitable system of communicating scientific results.


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