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CONFERENCE PAPERS                 
0900 - 1015 PLENARY SESSION:
Chris Rusbridge, UK Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib), University of Warwick, UK
Dealing with diversity: hybrid libraries and the Distributed National Resource
Concurrent Session 1:
Hybrid Libraries
Concurrent Session 2:
Concurrent Session 3:
Electronic Publishing
1045 - 1115 Judith Pearce, Warwick Cathro and Tony Boston, National Library of Australia, ACT
The challenge of integrated access: the hybrid library system of the future
John Banbury and Ian Brown, Flinders University of South Australia
Fat or thin? Is the verdict in?
Andrew Treloar, Monash University, Vic
Are hypermedia scholarly journals a new genre or an old genre in a new medium?
1120 - 1150 Indra Kurzeme and Catherine Herman, State Library of Victoria
Our virtual clients: changing to meet the challenge
Luce Chandon and Chris Martin, Com Tech Communications, Vic
SAFECommerce: ensuring online authenticity of transactions
Paul Mercieca, RMIT Publishing, Vic
The publisher and the library: converging professions or the start of the true hybrid library?
1155 - 1230 Derek Whitehead, Cawdron Associates, Vic and Rebecca Toohey, State Library of Victoria
Gulliver: head, shoulders (and knees) above the rest?
Sebastian Pulkowski, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Intelligent wrapping of information sources: getting ready for the electronic market
Bette Brunelle, Ovid Technologies, Inc, New York, USA
Current full text models
(Paper presented by Mark Schregardus)
Concurrent Session 4:
Document Delivery
Concurrent Session 5:
Technology Management
Concurrent Session 6:
Electronic Publishing
1400 - 1430 Kathryn Pearson, Macquarie University, NSW
Changing the face of interlibrary loans: LIDDAS at Macquarie University
Chris Hannan, Eastern Regional Libraries, Vic
New millennium, even more technology - can we cope?
Gregor Van Essen, Elsevier Science Asia Pacific, Singapore
Buying and selling electronic journals: a matter of uncertainty reduction
1435 - 1505 Tony Arthur and Shirley Sullivan, University of Melbourne, Vic
Comparing interfaces for electronic journal delivery
Geoffrey Payne, Vision Australia Foundation, Vic
Future library systems: beyond the electronic card catalogue
Edward Lim,  Monash University, Vic and Kate Roberts, READS Project Officer, Vic
The READS project: resource sharing using e-commerce service strategies
1510 - 1540 Tony Barry, Australian National University, ACT
Document delivery - an idea whose time has gone?
Vincent Galante, La Trobe University, Vic
Treatments for 'Agoraphobia': international developments for the hybrid library
(1998/99 VALA Travel Scholar)
Klaus Kreulich, Eckhard Stasch and Arved C. Hübler , Technichal University of Chemnitz, Germany
Value added digital libraries service: individualised crossmedia output with XML documents
1610 - 1725 PLENARY SESSION:
Peter Noerr,
Consultant on library automation, digital library and multi-lingual searching, Utah, USA
99 Questions about digital libraries


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