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CONFERENCE PAPERS                
0900 - 1015 PLENARY SESSION:
Gail McMillan,
Scholarly Communications Project, University Libraries, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
The digital library - without a soul can it be a library?
1045 - 1245 Vendor Presentations 1 Vendor Presentations 2 Vendor Presentations 3 Vendor Presentations 4
Concurrent Session 7:
Flexible Delivery
Concurrent Session 8:
Concurrent Session 9:
1400 - 1430 Andrew Harrison and Georgina Binns, Monash University, Vic
Monash Lectures Online: cost effective flexible delivery
Lesley Carman Brown, Curtin University, WA
The progress of digitization technology, particularly multimedia, within some British cultural institutions
(1998/99 VALA Travel Scholar)
Janifer Gatenby, Geac Computers, Paris, France
Internet, interoperability and standards -  filling the gaps
1435 - 1505 Leona Jennings, Northern Territory Library and Information Service
Redefining access to information in the Northern Territory
Bob Pymm, National Film and Sound Archive, ACT
Keeping the culture: archiving and the 21st century
Nigel Ward, DSTC Pty Ltd, Vic
Experiences with distributed searching
1510 - 1540 Matilda Kolandaisamy, Macquarie University, NSW and Malcolm Keech, Lonodn School of Economics, UK
Moving towards 24-hour support
Ted Chrisfield and Richard Cosgrove, La Trobe University, Vic
Building digital AV collections for research & teaching: a collaborative approach
Anne Beaumont, State Library of Victoria
ZAVIER - wider than libraries, deeper than the web
1610 - 1725 PLENARY SESSION:
Geoffrey Nunberg,
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, and Stanford University, USA
Does cyberspace have boundaries?


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