VALA2000 Session 12 Hyland

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TransAct: technology and the community

VALA 2000 CONCURRENT SESSION 12: Accessibility
Friday 18 February 2000, 11:55 – 12:30

Margaret Hyland

Manager, Information and Lending Services ACT Library and Information Services

Dr. Patricia Milne

Program Director, Library and Information Studies Program, University of Canberra

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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This broadband project, the TransAct Trial, was the concept of the ACT Electricity and Water Authority Corporation (ACTEW). As a result of this trial, the ACT Department of Urban Services, the ACT Public Library and Information Service (ACTLIS) – that is one of the Department’s Agencies – and the University of Canberra, have been closely involved in the development of a number of related Internet sites, including an interactive site developed by youth in Aranda. The TransAct Trial has enabled ACTLIS to test new technologies for delivering information services and to explore different ways of working with sectors of the ACT community. Models have been established for ongoing links with education and with youth which can be applied to other community agencies and organisations. Outcomes for ACTLIS have been a cohesive website (which now requires redevelopment) and the need to develop marketing strategies to ensure that electronic services offered by ACTLIS are utilised to the maximum.