VALA2000 Session 10 Berthon

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The moving frontier: archiving, preservation and tomorrow’s digital heritage

Friday 18 February 2000, 10:45 – 11:15

Hilary Berthon

Manager, National & International Preservation Activities, National Library of Australia

Colin Webb

Director, Preservation Services Branch, National Library of Australia

VALA Peer Reviewed Paper

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Digital publications are a significant part of tomorrow’s heritage of digital information. However, there is a growing understanding that tomorrow’s digital heritage will simply not be available without concerted action. This paper reviews international progress in digital archiving and preservation over the past one to two years. In that time, we have seen some developments in international collaboration, many archiving models being tested, active work on a range of facilitating issues, and an ongoing debate over the most appropriate long-term preservation strategies. However, a number of problematical issues remain. A most encouraging trend is the ongoing commitment to sharing information. The National Library of Australia’s PADI website has been re-developed as an international digital preservation forum, charting progress in finding workable solutions that can be applied by Australian libraries.