VALA2000 Plenary 2 Noerr

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99 Questions about Digital Libraries

VALA 2000 PLENARY 2: Peter Noerr
Wednesday 16 February 2000, 16:10 – 17:25

Dr Peter Noerr

Technical Director, EduLib

VALA Keynote speaker

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This paper discusses issues and technicalities surrounding the envisioning, planning and creation of a digital library. In general the paper raises issues for discussion, rather than providing prescriptive answers. The range and diversity of individual circumstances is too broad for generalizations and formulas.

At the preliminary stage it addresses the issues of organizational motivation, possible content, target audience, long term support and funding.

For planning it asks questions about staff and resources, creation and maintenance, delivery methods, charging policy, and long term support and funding.

During the process of creation aspects to be considered are , available technology, in- house or out-source, project management, design, testing, unveiling, and long term support and funding.