40 Years of VALA

In 2018 VALA will celebrate its 40th anniversary.  The first VALA conference was held at the University of Melbourne in 1981, and in 2016 conference proceedings from VALA1981 to VALA1998 were digitised and made available on the VALA website.  

Yearning for the good old days when a "cloud" was just something in the sky made of water droplets, "twitter" was something birds did and a floppy disk with 1.44Mb storage was considered generous!...then join VALA for a trip down memory lane back to the 1981 vision for online storage in "Future Information Technology", the 1997 vision for CD-Rom in "CD-ROM - What Will It Mean?" and the farewell to floppy disks in the 1998 paper "Farewell my floppy: a strategy for migration of digital information".  Read about the 1981 views of the pitfalls of a computerised world in "Systems Design for a Computer-Literate Community" and the whether technology would catch on in libraries in the 1983 paper about "Management Information from Library Systems".  Wondering whatever happened to Videotex or The Smart Book?....read the 1985 paper "Why Commercial Videotex Systems Fail" or the 1987 paper "The Electronic Book".



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