VALA Events 2015: Copyright in the Digital Age

VALA invites you to our October Guest Speaker event. This event will be run as a Webinar.

Join special Guest Speaker Trish Hepworth (Australian Digital Alliance, NLA, knows copyright better than Twitter) whilst she makes sense of copyright in the digital age. Online of course, as part of Open Access Week.

Speaker: Trish Hepworth, Executive Officer for the Australian Digital Alliance

Trish Hepworth is the Executive Officer for the Australian Digital Alliance and also the Copyright Adviser for the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee. Prior to joining the ADA she has had a diverse career spanning corporate, government and NGO roles in four countries. Highlights include running presentation workshops for Serbian bankers, presenting science shows in Wales and tutoring Tongan lawyers in English law. She holds a BA/LLB from ANU and comes to the ADA from the Department of Immigration, where she held an in-house legal role.

Topic: “Copyright in the Digital Age”

The Copyright Landscape

A brief overview of what it is, why it matters and how to live with it

The Right to Copy

The nitty gritty for libraries and librarians – what we can do, not what we can’t

  • What sort of issues should libraries take in to account when conducting a risk analysis re making items accessible digitally? e.g. orphan works like photographs of unknown provenance.
  • What techniques have successfully been used by libraries and other institutions to protect themselves from unlikely but possible claims of copyright infringement? (e.g. notices on online copies providing a process for claiming ownership and potential license fees)

The Future

What is on the copyright radar for the next 5 years? Realistically, what is most likely to happen?

  • Are there any other potential ‘easy wins’ for more sane copyright law like changes to perpetual copyright for unpublished works as outlined by the ‘Cooking for Copyright’ campaign?
  • In an ideal world/alternative reality, what changes do we want to see in the next five years and how can libraries work to achieve these?



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Online webinar


Wednesday 21 October 2015, 4:00 – 5:00pm ADST

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