Workshop B Data Visualisation

Powerful reporting with PowerBI

Are you tired of relying on Excel for data analysis? The cleaning, the cludging, the wrestling with menus to create visuals that convey your findings? If you’re looking for a new tool to process, analyse and visualise your data, this is the workshop for you. In this workshop for absolute beginners, you’ll learn how to get data, clean it up, and put it to work in PowerBI.

Camp Trainer: Justin Kelly

Currently the Business Data Analyst at State Library of Victoria, Justin has a passion for data visualisation and analytics. Through a long career interacting with the glorious mess that is library data, he’s yet to meet a data set that he can’t wrangle, visualise, and use for new insights.



Workshop Preparation:

Download Software – Most Workshops require specific software to be installed on your laptop. Make sure you have PRE-LOADED the relevant software for your Workshop/s.

For PowerBI, please head to and download PowerBI Desktop.

PowerBI Desktop is free to download and use – no subscription fees required. 

Note: Microsoft PowerBI is compatible with Windows only and we cannot support Macs at this Workshop. If you are exclusively a Mac user we recommend you do not register for Workshop B.

You will also need to download the files that will be used during the workshop, available at Notes for the workshop can be found at, and you may find it helpful to print these out to refer to during the workshop. Note that it’s best not to print the notes until shortly before the workshop, in case of final amendments.