Workshop A Open Refine

Got messy data?  Open Refine is the tool you never knew you needed.

This Library Carpentry lesson introduces people working in library- and information-related roles to working with data in OpenRefine (OR). At the conclusion of the lesson you will understand what the OR software does and how to use the OR software to work with data files.  It covers using OR to tidy messy data and normalise it for use in other databases and programs, how to ‘clean’ data in a reproducible way, and how it interacts with datasets through APIs and some simple coding.  This lesson will help Librarians support data rich research transparently and openly.

Camp Trainer: Anton Angelo

Anton Angelo is a Digital Librarian at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand.  He has been active in Library, Data, and Software Carpentry over the last few years.  He comes from a background in commercial software training, business development and had a short, successful stint as a professional Santa Claus.


Workshop Preparation:

Download Software – Most Workshops require specific software to be installed on your laptop. Make sure you have PRE-LOADED the relevant software for your Workshop/s.

For OpenRefine, please download and install the appropriate kit of OpenRefine 3.4.1 from The “Windows kit with embedded Java” should not require an additional Java download.

You will also need doaj-article-sample.csv.

OpenRefine is free to download and use – no subscription fees required.