W#6 Make a gadgety……thing?

Thursday 11 April 2019

Workshop Stream – The Engineer

What is it: Coding is cool – but how much cooler would it be if you could bring the virtual into reality? The Arduino microcontroller took the world of electronics by storm with its low cost and user-friendliness. We’ll show you what this little thing is capable of.

This workshop will focus on the basic functions of microcontrollers (flashing LEDs, APIs, and basic programming) using the Arduino programming language. You will be working towards a completed project involving an RFID reader, microcontroler, and and API call, to enable easy recording of location based statistics (https://shaddowland.net/2018/11/26/dodedodo-production/).

Who is it for: People who would like to get started with electronics and programming microcontrollers.

Presenter: Andrew Kelly

Andrew is a library professional who has worked in both public and special libraries over the past 18 odd years, and dabbles in technology and design. In 2017 he helped setup the Perth branch of newCardigan (newcardigan.org), a GLAM group dedicated to helping GLAM professionals be more awesome!

You can find his alter-ego tweeting constantly under @edwardshaddow and blogging occasionally at https://shaddowland.net.

Workshop Requirements