W#3 Introduction to programming with Python

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Workshop Stream – The Engineer

What is it: Python is a versatile and popular programming language. It’s used in web applications, scientific computing and even in some library systems. In this session we’ll be using Python to give a gentle introduction to programming and we’ll be looking at automating tasks that you might currently be doing manually.

Who is it for: People who would like to learn the concepts of programming with a user-friendly language.

Presenter: Clinton Roy 

Clinton is a software engineer who has mostly worked at supporting researchers in various fields. Clinton works almost exclusively with Open Source software, and spends way too much time helping to organise conferences based around Open Source. Clinton was one of the organisers of the GLAM miniconf at linux.conf.au, an opportunity to combine his love of Open Source software and Libraries. Until moving recently, Clinton had a long working relationship with The Edge, part of the State Library of Queensland; he is now slowly learning to love the State Library of Victoria. Clinton is a Software Carpentry trainer.


Workshop Requirements

Please come prepared with a laptop installed with Jupyter Notebook, an interface to Python. The suggested way to install Jupyter Notebook is via Anaconda (https://www.anaconda.com/distribution/#download-section) which has installers for Windows, Linux and Mac machines. Please choose the Python 3.7 installer.