W#2 Cleaning Data with Open Refine

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Workshop Stream – The Storyteller

What is it: Do you dream of fixing decades of data inconsistencies in a single afternoon? Need to bulk-change that offensive subject heading? It can be done! Learn how Open Refine can help you clean your data quickly and easily without giving you a migraine.

Who is it for: This session is aimed at technical services library / GLAM workers (systems, IT, data, metadata, cataloguing, etc.) but will appeal to anyone faced with messy data in their work.

Presenter: Alissa McCulloch

Alissa McCulloch is a librarian and bibliographic data wizard based in Canberra. She spends large amounts of time mangling metadata, usually for money but sometimes for fun. Believing that tech should work for us, and not the other way round, Alissa is keen to help those new to GLAM technology to get the most out of VALA Tech Camp. She tweets incessantly @lissertations and blogs at lissertations.net, and swears she has other interests besides cataloguing. Honestly.

Workshop Requirements

Attendees must pre-install OpenRefine on their laptops prior to the workshop. The software is freely available at http://openrefine.org/download.html for Mac, Linux and Windows machines. OpenRefine is a Java app and runs in a browser, but most features do not require an internet connection.