T#3: Regex

Wednesday 10 April 2019

What is it: This session will cover general regular expression fundamentals: pattern matching, grouping, and back references. Special characters, literals, and anchors will be included in the discussion.

Regex is a fancy way to match patterns and find and replace. How can Regexs be used to make changes to bibliographic records that are not possible in our current systems.

Who is it for: If you are a regular expression novice, work with textual data in bulk (or want to), and want to be able to wrangle data with efficiency, this is the session for you.

Presenter: Melissa Parent

Melissa Parent has been a librarian for 10 years in roles that allow her to get up close and personal with bibliographic data in all its complex and messy glory. When not eyeballing workflows to find innovations and efficiencies that leverage system and software capabilities, she wrestles with description and classification standards in roles on international committees and occasionally gets to catalogue. She remembers the exact moment when she finally learned how to use regular expressions and believes that regex can be a powerful tool in any data specialist’s skill set.

@momiji_girl (Twitter)

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