T#2: APIs

Wednesday 10 April 2019

What is it: More and more library software are using APIs. But what are they? How do they talk between your systems and the library vendors system? How could you use them? Are they the solution to some of your library system issues?

In this session we’ll be exploring how APIs enable different pieces of software to talk to each other. Using examples from the GLAM sector, we’ll see how APIs can be used to share data and build new applications.

Presenter: Tim Sherratt

Tim Sherratt is a historian and hacker who researches the possibilities and politics of digital cultural collections. Tim has worked across the cultural heritage sector and has been developing online resources relating to libraries, archives, museums and history since 1993.

Tim’s research focuses on how ‘access’ to digital collections is shaped by factors such as technology, politics, law, and practice. He examines ‘access’ not as a process of opening, but as the construction of limits.

Twitter @wragge

Online at timsherratt.org

Microblog micro.blog/wragge

Mastadon @wragge@ausglam.space

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