VALA2016 L-Plate & P-Plate Series


As part of the concurrent sessions on Tuesday 9 February 2016, VALA will present the VALA2016 L-Plate Series, and introduce a new P-Plate series for the more experienced. These two series of introductory sessions focus on the technologies that will be discussed during the VALA conference. Brush up your knowledge and enhance your VALA2016 Conference experience by attending the VALA2016 L-Plate Series on Tuesday morning and/or the P-Plate Series on Tuesday afternoon.   These series are free to all registered VALA2016 Conference delegates and no booking is required. 

 Tuesday 9 February 2016

1050 – 1230

VALA2016 L-Plate Series
Meeting Room 218

View the video of the presentation on the VALA2016 GigTV channel and presentation slides below:

L Plate200
1050 – 1105

L-Plate Session 1a: VALA A-Z (Know your RFI from your RDA)
#vala16 #lp1

Bart Rutherford, Wesley College
1105 – 1120

L-Plate Session 1b: What is Reality from Augmented to Virtual
#vala16 #lp2

Bart Rutherford, Wesley College
1125 – 1140

L-Plate Session 2a: Internet of Library Things
#vala16 #lp3

Tom Edwards, Wyndham City Libraries
1140 – 1155

L-Plate Session 2b: Linked Open Data
#vala16 #lp4

Peter Neish, University of Melbourne
1200 – 1215

L-Plate Session 3a: Digital Preservation
#vala16 #lp5

Hugh Rundle, Brimbank Libraries
1215 – 1230

L-Plate Session 3b: Research Data Management
#vala16 #lp6

Katrina McAlpine, University of Sydney
1230 – 1345Lunch, Exhibition Viewing and VALA Showcase – Exhibition Hall
1445 – 1550 VALA2016 P-Plate Series
Meeting Room 218
 P Plate200
1445 – 1515

P-Plate Session 1: GitHub 101
#vala16 #pp1

Valentine Charles, Europeana
1520 – 1550

P-Plate Session 2: Wikidata 101

What is Wikidata? Why does the GLAM sector need to know about this? Who verifies the quality of Wikidata?
How can my organisation contribute?

#vala16 #pp2

Andy Mabbett, Wikimedian-in_residence

The L-Plate and P-Plate Series programme is preliminary and is subject to change. VALA reserves the right to alter this programme as planning progresses.