VALA2010: L-Plate Session 4 Cloud Computing

VALA L PlateMonday 8 February, 14:30 – 15:00

More and more libraries are using services that are not hosted within a library but that are hosted in the cloud. Increasingly, software that has been traditionally loaded onto a PC is also being accessed in the cloud. This presentation provides an overview of cloud computing and explains why it is having such a profound impact on the use of computing and the internet.

Presenter: Bart Rutherford

Bart Rutherford is very well known with the Victorian library community as a throughful, and very entertaining presenter, who is able to make the most obscure and technical topics fun, interesting, and easy to understand. In 2010 Bart was also the VALA President. When he is not busy with VALA activities Bart is the Online resources Manager at Wesley College in Melbourne.

This is Bart’s second series L Plate presentations, Bart’s first L Plate presentation in 2008 introduced the now famous Slinky.

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