VALA2018 Diversity Scholarships


The VALA2018 Diversity Scholarships, sponsored by EBSCO, go to following three deserving recipients…..

Many high-quality submissions were received, and after careful consideration, the following three applicants were selected.

Lisa HarthLisa Harth – Library Services Coordinator for nine branches of the Western Downs Regional Council – Dalby, QLD

“I am new to leadership of a Library service and find that my skills and contacts in technology are just enough to “keep the ship afloat” but I believe that with exposure to a forum such as VALA I would gain insight into possibilities which could propel our Library service into one of the leading regional services in our State.

I believe Libraries are well-positioned to offer opportunities for learning, experimentation, co-creation and business incubation in an area with little access to any of these.”

Read Lisa’s post-event report HERE.
Donna KellionDonna Kellion – Mackay Regional Council Libraries

“The beautiful Mackay region is a member of the GW3, or the Greater Whitsunday Alliance, so we work very closely with our neighbours to the north in the Whitsunday region and the Isaac region to the west, so anything that I bring back from VALA will also be of benefit to those regions and further and beyond.

I have also just completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Audio Visual Archiving with Charles Sturt University which was fabulous and I’m very keen to get my hands down and dirty into some severe digitisation and would appreciate some direction on how to begin some of those programs.”

Read Donna’s post-event report HERE.
Joyce WilliamsJoyce Williams – City of Karratha – Karratha, WA

“As a lone librarian working in a remote region of WA, I spend considerable time connecting with peers and professionals online via user networks… trading valuable information in regard to the latest cutting edge library technology and ideas but rarely have the opportunity to share ideas and pick brains of tech-savvy professionals in person.

Our Pilbara world features some of the most innovative technology in the mining and gas industries and we believe our library is a space where young people of diverse origins can (and should) experience the exciting world of open technology. Providing such a space will seek to put us on par with other major centres.”

Read Joyce’s post-event report HERE.


VALA recognises that regional, rural and indigenous members of the Library community face additional barriers to participation in both library and technical events. The Diversity Scholarship is offered to individuals who in normal circumstances would not generally attend a VALA event or would struggle to attend due to financial or other hardship.

The VALA2018 Diversity Scholarships would not be possible without the support of EBSCO. Please thank them by dropping in to Stands 75-76 at VALA2018.

EBSCO is “committed to providing professional development and networking opportunities for librarians looking to advance their careers. The 2018 VALA Diversity Scholarship presents an opportunity for librarians to share ideas, challenges and best practices with their peers. We look forward to attending VALA2018 and meeting our partners in the Australian library community.”

By supporting these three recipients with a diversity scholarship and a trip to Melbourne for VALA2018, we hope to not only support their career and academic pursuits but also empower them to encourage, inspire and impart knowledge to those in their own community.

VALA would like to extend a massive congratulations to all three deserving recipients, we cannot wait to see what you do with this opportunity.