VALA2012 Plenary 2 Zhang

VALA2012 Plenary 2 Zhang

eMpowering e-Science, eMpowering libraries

VALA2012 PLENARY 2: Xiaolin Zhang
Tuesday 7 February 2012, 16:20 – 17:30
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Xiaolin Zhang

National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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VALA2010 Keynote Speaker
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Tuesday, February 07, 2012, 4:20 PM AUSEDT, 1 Hour 7 Minutes 30 Seconds

Xiaolin ZhangAbstract

eScience, or in general eFuture, requires new generations of knowledge access capabilities. Research libraries need to re-think their access strategies towards a new access framework, covering R&D information beyond traditional literature, OA resources, research data, institutional knowledge assets, with all in an international scope and integrated/embedded into research processes. A number of research libraries in China are moving to innovate and experiment some components of this framework, including NSL’s Integrative Knowledge Infrastructure Initiative, CAS OA Initiative, CAS IR Grid, Chinese IR Alliance, CAS Researcher SKE Initiative, and CAS International Access Alliance Strategies.

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