About the Diversity Scholarship

VALA recognises that regional, rural and indigenous members of the Library community face additional barriers to participation in both library and technical events. The Diversity Scholarship is offered to individuals who in normal circumstances would not generally attend a VALA event or would struggle to attend due to financial or other hardship.

One Scholarship is offered for VALA Tech Camp 2019 and three individual scholarships for the VALA2020 Conference.


VALA2020 Diversity Scholarship

Applications for the VALA2020 Diversity Scholarship Awards are NOW CLOSED.


The VALA Diversity Scholarship for Conference is open to individuals who meet BOTH of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Any person who is currently working in a library, or is seeking entry to the library and information services industry;
  • Hasn’t previously attended a VALA Conference as a delegate;

In addition individuals MUST ALSO meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • An Australian person of Indigenous heritage;
  • An Australian person who resides in a regional, rural or remote location, including Darwin.
  • A person who resides in the Oceania region or Timor Leste, where Oceania is as defined by the United Nations Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use (see HERE and choose “Geographic Regions” from the left drop down menu).
Selection Criteria

Award of the Scholarship will be made on the following criteria:

  • The ability of the Applicant to share the knowledge they gain at Conference with their local library and/or technical community via an online communication channel, such as blog, podcast, social media etc, as demonstrated through previous work, volunteer or student experience
  • The impact the Scholarship will have on the Applicant’s future career in the library and/or technology sector.
Application/Nomination Process

The application process is as follows:

  • Complete the online application form 

    • Write a 200 word statement in the application form stating why you want to come, what you want to learn, how the community/organisation you serve will benefit from you attending
    • Produce a 3 minute video explaining the above
Scholarship Offer
  • Up to $2,000 for flights and accommodation OR Up to $3,000 for flights, accommodation and visas
  • Conference Registration (value $1,650 at non-member early price)
  • VALA Committee/Conference Committee mentor at conference
  • Invitation to attend VIP Pre-Conference Dinner on Monday 10 February

Applications for the Diversity Scholarship for VALA2020 are CLOSED.